Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conditional Living and Loving

Much is written about Unconditional Loving.
Little is written on conditional loving.
A little is written about Unconditional Living.
Living without conditions is the source of Freedom and Trust of which I often write.

What are the conditions you place on your life?
We often give the physical and emotional world power over our fully living and loving.
Our conversations are often about what limits us and the lack we feel.
We allow what others see as limiters to be the conditions for which we hold back from purposeful living.

Body, money and emotional conditions are often used as excuses or justifications for our choices.
I don’t feel like doing it.
I am too angry, sad or afraid to follow through.
I don’t have enough money.
I can’t because my body is telling me to stay home.
I have to watch my expenses.
I can’t go because I don’t eat meat.
My physical or financial condition doesn’t allow me to do that.

Yet, we designate those who rise above physical and financial limitations as admired heroes.
In holistic health, we recognize that our thoughts and beliefs, feelings and history, diet and exercise all influence our ability to fully experience whole life health. Holistic health also include relationships, jobs and career satisfaction, sleep and recreation, creativity and learning, spiritual practice and alone time as well as the basics as part of our full living. When we weigh and measure our existence and achievements, we usually speak about the conditions that support us or limit us from “measuring up”. What we give allegiance and power to usually runs, bosses and guides our choices. Childhood, disability, weight, age, education, relationships, money, fears, weather, personality traits, technology, history, race, beliefs, superstitions, and more I cannot think of may be leading us.

Let’s be honest with ourselves about who or what is running our life.
I am too old.
I have a disease or condition.
I am not good at that.
I don’t know how.
I feel down today.
My body is telling me I better quit.
My finances don’t allow me to even consider going.

To be honest with ourselves, let us listen to what we say.
What do you credit?
What do you use as your guide?
What voice do you follow?
Are you limited or set free by your inner direction?
Are you encouraged or discouraged in your life?
Are you giving attention to what is possible or what you deem impossible?
Are you thinking about the best or the worst possible outcome?

Unconditional living looks like fully and freely living no matter what.
Unconditional loving is choosing to extend love, peace and blessings no matter what.
Unconditional living is being willing to handle the physical stuff with consciousness and gratitude.
Unconditional loving is choosing to listen within to find gifts and giving that inspires and fulfills us.

It is time to love ourselves enough to set ourselves free to listen and reveal unlimited possibility.

Loving you freely, without duty, obligation, sacrifice or limit,
Betty Lue