Monday, December 29, 2008

What To Do?

What do you do when it is all about You?
Life is an experience of recognizing it is an inside job.
When there are changes to be made, they must be made within.
It is our own attitude, perceptions, beliefs and history that are being reenacted on our own personal stage.

Wow! So if that is true, all I need is to undo what I no longer want to be true!
Yes. The work, the real cleanup job is within each one of us.

The end of the year clearance sale begins within.

It is time to clear the habits and behaviors that are not highest and best for you and others.
It’s time to stop over-eating and eating for the sensation of fullness and pleasuring the mouth.
It’s time to eat sensibly and nutritionally energizing and life-sustaining foods and beverages.
It’s time to cease habits that are unhealthy and unkind to your mind and body.

You know when you drink and use food and other stuff to give yourself short term gratification.
You know when you are not taking impeccable care of yourself.
You know the consequences of not exercising and getting fresh air and sunshine.
Yes, it is time to daily take impeccable care of the vehicle, body and mind.

It is also our responsibility to clear unwanted situations and unhappy relationships.
It is time to forgive ourselves for being hurt victimized, and being disempowered.
It is time to stop allowing others behaviors to interfere with our happiness and inner peace.
It is time to step up with courage and love and bring peace and harmony to all circumstances.

You know when you need to be alone with your own thoughts.
You know when you are over-tired and over-reacting and over-doing.
You know when you have tried to maintain what is no longer good for you.
You know when you need a break to reclaim your center, you identity and your inner peace.

It is time to learn the lessons of this year and our lifetime and act accordingly.
It is time to forgive and bless our ignorance and our resistance to change.
It is time to stop blaming others for our unwillingness to learn a better way.
It is time to undo the dysfunction interactions and start acting only as a respectful and responsible adult.

You know what you want and what you have done to sabotage your achievements.
You know your impatience and laziness and waiting until someone else makes it easy attitudes.
You know when you don’t care anymore and how it shuts down everything and everyone around you.
You know your unhappiness and anger are contagious and create more of it in your relationships.

It is time to stop worrying about what others think and do what is right and true for you.
It is time to move forward, day by day and step by step in the direction of your dreams.
It is time to forgive yourself and release self-defeating and negative habits of mind.
It is time time to choose to be happy and at peace no matter what is happening around you.

Yup! It is the end of the year. Time to clean out and clear up what you don’t want in the corners of your mind or the closets of your life.
A Happy New Year only comes when you clean up all sources of unhappiness. Are you willing? That’s all it takes.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Come and have fun!
Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve Workshop “Dare to Prepare for 2009" 2-5PM in PH.
This is a workshop to let go of 2008 with forgiveness and gratitude, clearing the past.
Releasing what was allows us to paint on the new canvas of 2009 whatever we choose.
Together we vision and create a collective picture of health, happiness and true prosperity.
With enthusiasm, we enter the New Year filled with hope, faith and energy to built the future.
Bring goodies to share if your like. Special readings given. Contributions welcomed.