Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Take Responsibility for Your Whole Life

Your Life belongs to you……not to your parents or your partner or your work.
Your life is yours to choose, to live, to learn, to let go and to enjoy.
Your life is a participative play. You are the director, producer, actor and even set designer.
Your life offers infinite opportunities to undo and erase and choose again.

If we weren’t so caught up in judging evaluating, comparing and analyzing, we could easily change it.
If we weren’t so involved in rehearsing and writing others’ lines, we would notice we can change ours.
If we didn’t spend so much time blaming and complaining about the script, we could see what’s next.
If we didn’t take on responsibility for changing the other players in our act, we could master our own.

You see, when all is said and done, we did write the script for ourselves.
We have imagined the lines ahead of time, without taking responsibility for their creation.
We have bought into the “reality” of what is meant to be a “play” and gotten stuck.
We thought what we were experiencing was real and unchangeable and neglected to rewrite our part.

To take responsibility gives us power, the power to change or choose something different for ourselves.
To take responsibility gives us creative license, to rearrange the outcome of our own drama.
To take responsibility means we can forgive and erase, rewrite and choose again.
To take responsibility sets us out of all victimization where no one is blamed for what doesn’t work.

Let’s take responsibility for stepping away from negative situations.
Let’s take responsibility by responding to others insanity with sanity.
Let’s take responsibility by choosing to be respectful to everyone.
Let’s take responsibility by treating ourselves with impeccable care.

When we are at our best, conscious and aware, we can choose to take the high way.
When we are happy and in love, we can respond to those in fear and anger with love.
When we are willing to learn from every relationship, we can heal what is not healthy.
When we are aware of mistakes in behavior and languaging, we can apologize and make amends.

Our life is for us to learn a better way.
Our life is about being willing to correct our own mistakes.
Our life is about choosing our thoughts, words and deeds consciously.
Our life is an opportunity to explore creative possibilities to find what words most successfully.

When we are flexible with willingness..
When we are content with inner peace,
When we are loving with lots of kindness,
When we are grateful with wonder and delight,
We can respond to all situations in a healing and inspiring way.

Love yourself and your life today, by taking responsibility,
Betty Lue