Friday, December 19, 2008

The Real Gifts

Christmas is for giving your Light and your Love.
These are the Real and Lasting Gifts we bring.
Wise men know that temporal gifts may not be utilized or appreciated.
Most of us have forgotten what really matters.

We are here to feed, clothe and provide shelter the hungry and homeless.
We are here to care for the ill and dying and provide comfort and healing.
We are here to create laughter and learning for the ignorant and suffering.
We are here to inspire and encourage those who are searching and forgotten.
We are here to give to those who need to be reminded they matter.
We are here to enjoy the fulfillment of giving.
We are here to remember we are all one family.
We are here to truly love one another.

We are together here on this Earth to awaken the Light within.
So let’s begin with the One we are.

Except for little presents for the grandkids, which are given throughout the year, for 20 years I give no special Christmas gifts. Everyday is Christmas. Everyday is an opportunity to share my gratitude, joy and love with those I meet.
  • We play our gift exchange games at church and group potlucks. (Pre-owned treasure no longer needed at home, wrapped and put on a table. Each in turn by number takes a gift unless they want to take what someone else has received. It can take lots of time and lots of laughs as certain gifts are exchanged (stolen) many times over.)
  • We read Chanukah stories, hide gelt and light the menorah with our grandchildren.
  • We take our church group to a recovery half way house for women and children for useful presents, clothing, shoes, blankets, toys for children and refreshments, but our Real Gift is hugs, laughter, singing Christmas carols and celebrating the joy of the Season of Love.
  • We take everyone who wants to come to sing carols at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • We hand out teddy bears to everyone, young and old.
  • We offer New Year’s Eve workshops at church and our Center to focus on respectful endings and new beginnings.
  • We have ministry solstice blessing celebration with focus on more light.
  • We encourage everyone to join us or find your own holiday rituals or make them up each year to bring everyone good cheer.
This is a time to really enjoy the company of others.
  • Making cookies or candy.
  • Singing familiar songs.
  • Going to see Christmas lights after dark.
  • Making your list for Santa.
  • Setting out mild and cookies for him to eat and a few carrots for the reindeer.
  • Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  • Reading the original story in the Bible or reading Chopra’s new books on Jesus.
  • Remembering to Love everyone for we all are in the family of Man, a spiritual family of Love.

Christmas is a sacred time of remembering really why we are here with one another.
Betty Lue