Sunday, December 21, 2008

Light, Light, More Light!

Can you imagine what would be see if we called forth more light?
Perhaps this is the reason we keep so much in the dark.
When we believe what is see will be judged, we hide away in the darkness.
Our secrets keep us trapped in guilt, fear, withheld love and intimacy, hurt and lonliness.

Light, Light, More Light!
That is the call of the winter, the call of the inspired, the call for the creative.
When we have more light we can see what to clean and purify.
When we see more clearly, we can heal and bless, forgive and feel appreciative.

Light, Light, More Light!
When we have more light, we can see where we are going.
When we know where we are going, we can move around the impediments.
When we trust and free ourselves from limitation and lack, we are abundantly joyful.

Light, light, more light!
To educate is to lead from darkness.
Let’s educate ourselves and others with enthusiasm rather than shame.
Let us educate ourselves and others by relinquishing our clinging to the past.

Light, Light, More Light!
Why not turn up the lights in your home and office?
Why not turn on the lights in your mind?
Why not stop hiding your secrets in dark places and let the Son shine?

Light, Light, More Light!
How about letting go of the fears that have held you captive.
Step out of the prison of your own judgments and set yourself free.
Release the reminders and remainder of what is no longer worthy of you.

Whenever caught in fear, in anxiety or judgment, visualize Light in your mind.
Once your mind is filled with let, begin to surround all that you see with Light.
Hold the picture in your dreaming of a world filled with glorious Light of Love.
Share this picture of Light and Love everywhere you go and within everyone you meet.

Light is our way home to peace.
Light is the path to safety and comfort.
Light is the gift of joyous laughter.
Light is the sign we remember Love.

Be the Light in the world.
Bring your Light to the world.
Visualize Light in the darkest places.
Ensure Light everywhere with your happy willingness.

I am loving you with the Light in me,
Betty Lue