Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifting Your Self

What is the best gift you can give to yourself?
How about looking within to what will inspire and motivate you?
How about something that will be truly meaningful and lasting?
How about what brings our your natural joy and creativity?

Why not give to yourself that which will last for a lifetime?
Often we have been conditioned to give gifts of temporary joy.
Sometimes we reach for quick fixes of short term pleasure.
Or perhaps gifts of romance and glamour come to mind.

But how often do we listen to our heart’s calling for something Real?
What could be the fit that will renew our Spirit and strengthen our faith?
What is the greatest gift your could receive at this time in your life?
What is the most loving gift you can receive to remind you of YOU?

Wholesome gift ideas just for you.

**Time alone on a weekend retreat of reading, reflection and rest.
(I have scheduled 3 days off late in January where I can simply be.)
How about going away to a mountain cabin, or ocean hideaway or just be at home in your own bedroom with no phone, computer or interruptions. Just good books, journals, comfy bed and chair and You.
Let people know you are on vacation retreat and really take some time just to be with your Real Self.

**Really warm clothing for outdoor play, exercise, walking, photography or just being.
What will motivate you to get out in the winter for sunshine and fresh air, simply to move and enjoy?

**Signup for classes or a group that will focus your mind on positive, creative and loving stuff.
I design all the workshops and groups I facilitate to be inspiring and joyful for me first.
I know that what we do with love and appreciate expands brings health, happiness and fulfillment.
Some need more alone time to be quiet. Some need more people time to share and care with others.

**Take some time to really nurture the creator in you.
Create with song, dance, instrument, garden, decorating, painting or writing.
Perhaps redoing a room with warm colors, happy sounds and yummy fragrance?
Create a new physical experience with new foods that are really healthy for you.

**Take yourself on an adventure.
What have you longed to do, perhaps challenging or exciting?
Begin to research, plan, save money and even pack to set the stage.
Now is the only time that is real. Why not fill your now with what brings joy and imagination?

**Spend time with someone you feel most gifted to be with.
Think of the one person you would love to share a few days or even a few hours.
Set aside time with them simply to be…or ask questions….or share your dreams.
Ask for and prepare for your meeting or phone call or letters.

**Give to someone, to a charity or cause that inspires and fulfills you.
Imagine what giving would feel most values and valuable to you.
Set aside, time, energy, money and resources to full give what you have.
Begin giving monthly some part of your paycheck or go to help weekly.

**Forgive and heal a painful wound or relationship to free your heart/mind from suffering.
Listen inside for what it would take to fee whole, happy and free again.
Write a letter to yourself and to the other about your desire.
Be honest with the words you need to hear to get clear….Then say them to yourself.

**Fulfill a lifetime longing, a dream or vision you have held in secret.
Be hones with what might have been placed on the back burner to meet others’ needs first.
Tell yourself the truth about what you REALLY want.
Give yourself permission to have that special something for a few hours or even in your imagination.

I am sure your have other Spiritual and inspirational Gift ideas for yourself.
Once you get started.
Make your own list for Santa.
And be Santa Claus in your own life!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue