Thursday, December 18, 2008

Energy: Maintenance and Replenishment

We all have different amounts of energy.
Some are full and overflowing.
Some are diminished and some are intermittent both on and off.
We must respect others, while attending to our own energy flow.

Find your own rhythm, cycles and natural needs to sustain your optimum energy.
Notice what works for you and what inter-fears with your energy.
Observe what areas you see to shut down or feel depleted.
Be aware of what you need to restore your energies.

Yes, good rest and sometimes naps are vital for mental and physical restoration.
Yes, good nutrition and regular meals are essential for physical energy.
Yes, loving relationships and productive work keep one’s spiritual energy flowing.
Yes, there are thoughts, fears, worries, resentments, judgments, defenses and beliefs, that shut us down.

What is in the mind can be cleared with breathing, prayer, forgiveness and affirmation.
See the 30 day process at the end of this reminder.
What is interfering with the physiology can be addressed with good care of our physical vehicle.
Remember to give yourself what you would give a best friend or guest in your home-the Best!

Notice what habits or experiences really change your energy.
These are external things we can correct or work around.

For me interruptions are a cause for stress.
I like to stay in the zone whether writing or exercising, counseling or playing with the grandkids.
I like to listen to one conversation at a time.
I like to give everyone in my presence equal attention.
I like to finish a thought or idea before shifting onto something else.
I like to fully receive what I am being given.
I like to appreciate each moment fully before moving onto the next.
I am energized by being here and now.

And so I have created a life where I have few interruptions.
Rarely do I receive phone calls at home or on my cell. (I have a pager and voicemail line.)
I use email for much communication. I determine my timing to read and respond.
I have set times for phone and direct communication in coaching and counseling sessions.
When I have a group, one person shares at a time with no cross talk, so everyone can listen.
Even in my home I usually encourage no side conversations, so everyone is included.
My home is silent in the morning for the first 2-3 hours while we do our spiritual work.
We do not interrupt each other and wait respectfully for the right time to connect.

This is one way I take care of my energy flow.
Ask yourself what weighs you down and depletes your energy.
Give yourself opportunities to recreate your life to have adequate quiet and peace.
See if you are energized by being with people and depleted with too much solitary time.
Notice if you need to be productively and creatively working more or more time to relax.
Each of us is unique in what we need.
Take time to find what is best for you and create your life accordingly.
You are responsible for taking impeccable care of you.
What is best for you is best for others.
You are teaching those around you to take impeccable care of themselves, so we can all be our Best!

Loving you,
Betty Lue