Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice and Winter

Here we are dark times, fading of the day light, fear of job loss and economic ruin, cold and stressed.
Remember the Light within.
Here we are seeking a savior, some saving grace, a warm fireplace and a kind and giving face.
Remember the Light within.

Here we are in trying times, figuring our where to go and how to feed, clothe and shelter those in need.
Remember the Love You Are.
Here we are discouraged, confused, angry and uncertain, losing connection with our emotional drama.
Remember the Love You Are.

“Yes.” Say “Yes” to all that is Good and Kind.
Say “Yes” to those who are creating a better way.
Say “Yes” to turning on the lights of the greatest minds.
We can say “Yes” to find our way to lift up and Love all Humanity.

This season, there is a reason to light up the darkness.
This season, there is a reason to love one and all.
This season, there is a cry in the wilderness for kindness.
This season, there is a need to forgive our past forgetfulness.

Your gifts are needed.
Gifts not from the pocketbook, but from your heart.

Your Presence is needed, not your presents.
Your laughter is needed, not your regrets.
Your gratitude is needed, not your complaints.
Your love is needed, not your fears.
Your inspiration is needed, not your depression.
You direction is needed, not your confusion.

You can and do make a difference!
Send letters to those overseas, in service of their country.
Call those shut in or forgotten and left by their families.
Smile at strangers in stores and on the street.
Give to the bell ringer whose pots feed the hungry.
Play holiday music instead of watching the news.
Bake some cookies and share with your neighbors or at work.
Go caroling at local nursing homes or senior centers.
Invite folks over to play games and together.
Tell stories to kids about what fun you had or how good Santa is.
Thank those who are giving to others throughout the year.
Make a commitment to be more loving and giving with each year.

Remember you are the Gift and the Giving.
And it is your Presence that makes the difference, now and throughout the year.
Betty Lue

Yes, that is Grandma Betty Lue exploring some new sea creature bath toys with Lila and Harper. Small gifts throughout the year are what we do, rather than adding to Christmas chaos.