Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Charge or Let Go of the Reins?

Taking charge is foolish when we have not considered the needs of others.
Taking charge is vital when there is some danger or possible harm to others.
Taking charge is important when no one steps up to lead or navigate.
Taking charge is inconsiderate when someone else is leading well.

When we do not know where we are going, we cannot lead others well.
When we listen within for spiritual direction, we can lead with confidence.
When we honor the needs of all concerned, seeking only Good for all, leadership is valued.
When there is conflict or opposing directions, the outcome will be delayed or confused.

When we let go of the reins, the horse runs back to the barn or familiar territory.
When we let go of the reins, we may be surrendering to what is comfortable and familiar.
When we let go of the reins, we give the impression we don’t care or are quitting in fear.
When we let go of the reins, we are projecting the message that the outcome does not matter.

When we listen within and follow inner guidance, we may be led into new and unfamiliar territory.
When we follow spiritual direction, we may be called to assert ourselves and ask for support.
When we take charge of expressing the needs of the people, we may be devalued by those in authority.
When we take charge and live in integrity with spiritual principles, we may be misunderstood.

Before we decide whether to follow or to lead, these questions may be of value.
What is your highest goal or intention?
What is your picture of visualization of the outcome you seek?
What is the most effective way to move forward toward achievement?
How can you best undo or move around any interference or objections?
Are you willing to ask for spiritual guidance and direction?
Do you have the courage to speak up and invite others to cooperate?
Are you willing to make mistakes and correct them with the help and forgiveness of others?
Can you take the time to make a step by step plan to achieve the united goals of those involved?
Do you trust that there is are solutions and processes in which everyone benefits?
Are you willing to ask for respect, responsibility and cooperation from those around you?

Life works when we do the work of listening, learning, laughing and letting go.

Loving you and me as we set ourselves free to do the real work of Life.
Betty Lue