Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make this Holiday Meaningful

What could you do this Thanksgiving to express and experience gratitude?
What could you give to really feel blessed by the bounty and beauty we have?
What could you say to those you care about that would give them full appreciation?
What could you create that would touch your life with fulfillment and inner peace?

You can make everyday significant with the thoughts you think, the visions you hold in your mind, the words you speak and write, the songs you sing and the deeds you do.

Some possibilities to inspire you:

Swing on a playground swing and sing out loud.
Clean out the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year and give them to those who have need.
Invite someone you know who is alone and maybe feeling unwanted to your thanksgiving dinner.
Take some of your holiday mean to a shut in.
Visit a convalescent hospital or assisted care facility and just walk around sharing smiling.
Clear our your pantry and take all the goods you won’t use to a food pantry.
Clean up your yard and plant some flowers or hang a wind chime to beautify and inspire others.
Send a contribution to a person, organization or church that inspires you and makes you happy.
Watch and read only materials that lift your spirits and inspire you to give with gratitude.
Write or call a relative or friend that you know would love to hear from you.
Say a prayer of gratitude to yourself for creating a good life in a good world where you can choose.
At the thanksgiving dinner, ask a meaningful question and invite each person to share.
Ie. What is your happiest memory? What is the person you are most grateful for?
What is the story you have been told that taught you how to share and care about others?

What do you appreciate most about this country?
How could you better demonstrate you gratitude for all you have?

I simply love, appreciate and honor you.
I love receiving your notes and emails filled with little infor.
Every connection is a loving remind.
I can feel your love and want you to know mine is returned.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue