Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life is a Gift of Forgiveness

(If my languaging doesn’t work for you, simply translate “God” Into “Goodness”.
Truth is true no matter how you name it. )

The more freely we give with true joy, the happier and more fulfilling our life will be.
The more we fear being taken advantage of and withhold our gifts, the less valuable we feel.
When we feel limited, the more we give with sparingly.
The more we feel lacking, the more we give to get more.
The more we feel little and less than others, the more we diminish and apologize for our gifts.

The Cost of Giving is Receiving.
When we give conditionally, we will receive conditions on our giving and receiving.
What goes around comes around.
The more we give judgment, the more we receive judgment.
The more we compare and evaluate, the more we receive comparison and evaluation.
The more we love without making anyone special, the more we are loved without the need to be special.

Having Rests on Giving.
When we give Joy.we have Joy.
When we give Love, we have Love.
When we give Peace, we have Peace.
Give to others what we want to have and we teach and build the world we want.

God loves a Happy Giver.
Do you appreciate those who give freely? Or do you feel jealous?
Do you enjoy receiving from those who love to give? Or do you worry about what you need to give back?
Do you encourage giving to those who have less than you do? Or do you judge the needy and homeless?
Do you focus on what you can give at Christmas? Or do you focus on what you want to receive?

What does this mean to you and me?
It means:
When we are afraid, someone will benefit or get more than us, we cannot be feeling fulfilled in life.
When we are judging that this world is not fun, safe and easy, we will acquire to protect ourselves.
When we believe God only helps those who help themselves, we may believe we need to go first.
When we are resentful and withhold our gifts from others, we may fear others resent us.
When we stand back and wait for someone else to go first, we may be last in line to receive.
When we ask only for what we can get from giving, we teach others our gifts are merely bribes.
When we believe we don’t have enough, we take from those who seem to have more.
When we can’t stand that our neighbors have more, we may buy more than we can afford.
And so on……

Only the ungrateful can feel needy.
Only the fearful can feel restricted.
Only the judgmental can feel less than others.

The key is to forgive our selves……
Erase our judgments, fears, resentments, beliefs in limitation and lack.
We have a forgiving God Who teaches us that it is in giving that we receive.
And in pardoning we are pardoned.

Remember, We have an Abundant and All Loving God who gives us everything Real and Eternal.
We have a Loving God Who shares equally with those who would receive God’s Divine Gifts.

And what are these Gifts we are here to give?
Spiritual Wisdom-the Wisdom that inspires and heals others.
The Peace of God-the Peace that makes everyone remember we are God’s Own.
Divine Love-the Love that extends to enemies and friends as brothers and sisters in God.
Spiritual Freedom-the Freedom to grow our faith through life experience, with mistakes and renewal.
Trust in God- the Trust that all things will turn our all right, Everything works together for Good.
Spiritual Power-The powerful Presence that clears our fears and turns our sight to the Light of God.

We all have been given all these gifts.
When we recognize and receive them with appreciation, we will have them.
When we fully have them, we will share them freely.
For it is in giving what is given us that we magnify them in our own lives.

Life is for Giving.
We can and should forgive ourselves for denying the gifts of God.
Life is for Giving.
When we give the gifts we have received, we really can recognize the gift we are.

Giving you and All the Best I know,
Betty Lue