Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Do The Work!

Sounds familiar……
I know that where we do what is necessary, we get results.
In the realm of real and lasting results, there is work to do.
In the quick fix era, we keep looking for a pill, a prayer, a prophet who will do the work for us.
And yet, in Truth, we have work to do here.

Mostly the work is letting go of ignorance, arrogance, laziness and greed.
The work is undoing the opinions, prejudices, predictions and preferences that are unfair and unfounded.
The work is giving ourselves permission to not know what to do or how to do it.
The work is learning to listen to an inner voice, a place of conscience and conscientiousness.

The Work requires our willingness to work.
The Work asks that we seek only that which is Good for EveryOne, not just some.
The Work is to teach others by treating others as we want them to treat everyone.
The Work is to treat ourselves as we want others to treat themselves.

The higher calling is to be responsible.
The Work is to be able to respond with wisdom and Love to whatever and whoever comes our way.
The Work is to let the past be past, let by-gones be by-gones.
The Work is to undo all the stories that just are not true.

My work is to treat myself with as much respect and love as I treat you.
My work is to remember always and in all ways that we are all here with one Holy Healing Purpose—to remember and live the Love We Are.
My work is to give everything Good and True that I am given to everyone who asks and receives it as Gift.
My work is to join with those in consciousness, prayer, cocreation and celebration who seek to live a better way.
My work is to keep on sharing, giving, loving and learning no matter what.

It is this Holy Work I am happy and willing to do.
It is my fulfillment, my inner peace and my joy to do this work.

And so I Am,
Betty Lue