Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do They Know?

Do they notice how much I am loving them?
Do they know how very much I care?
Do they receive the abundance I am giving?
Do they appreciate how honestly I share?

If sometimes we feel like our gifts are not being received and valued, it is probably because they aren’t.
If sometimes we feel like no one notices how we give to others, it is usually because they don’t.

What is really going on here that no one seems to notice or value the love being shared?
Why does it seem no one is home to fully appreciate and utilize the incredible resources offered?
What would it take to have an open gift exchange with everyone giving their very best?
How would life be if we freely gave to one another generously?

If we were all full recipients of what we have been given, we would be ecstatically grateful every day!
If we knew all the love being sent to us from near and far, we would feel cherished in every way!
If we would receive the gifts being given by those who serve, we would be filled with thanksgiving!
If we valued ourselves as much as our Creator, we would freely and generously serve all humanity!

So why not notice how much we are given and how deeply we are loved?
When we feel unworthy, we feel ashamed and unwilling to receive.
When we feel guilty for not loving ourselves and others well, we protect ourselves from knowing.
When we feel bad about not appreciating how much we have been loved, we withdraw and blame.

So the greatest Giver is made responsible for what seems missing.
The greatest Giver is given demands and expectations beyond reason.
The greatest Giver is expected to be the protector and provider.
The greatest giver is blamed for the lack and suffering everywhere.

Parents Teachers Ministers, Coaches, Volunteers, Contributors, Philanthropists, Servers……
There are some who serve to exalt themselves.
There are those who give to get for themselves.
There are some who simply want power over others.
There are some who feel pity and make themselves the do-gooder.

Many of those who love and serve and seek only Good for others are overlooked and invalidated.
There are those of us who seek only to build a better world and a better life for all.
There are those of us who give All we have to demonstrate there is always enough for all.
There are those of us who will to do our Creator’s Will as our gift to our All-Giving Source.

We must not quit on giving.
We must not let the nay-sayers bring us down.
We must not allow those who are feeling unworthy of receiving push us away.
We must not ignore those who are ashamed to receive and denying themselves.

In the end, all of us will awaken.
In the end, we will see we always have been given All we need.
In the end, we will know how much we are loved.
In the end, we will reclaim our right perception of the Good in All.

To those who are giving All to All, do it no matter what.
To those who are sharing what you deeply know, share no matter what.
To those who care beyond human measure, care no matter what.
In the end, our giving and sharing and caring will awaken our world and fill everyone with Joy.

Bless you my freely giving brothers and sisters,
Betty Lue

Remember, Life is for Giving. You are the Gift.
It is in Giving yourself freely that you fully realize the Gift You Are.
Betty Lue