Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you Truly Grateful?

Do you see?
Are you paying attention?
Are you awake?
Are you appreciating the beauty and goodness around you?

We cannot be grateful for what we don’t see and acknowledge.
When we look for what is missing, all we see is the lack.
When we look for what is wrong, all we see are mistakes.
When we look for the suffering, what we see is the pain.

Heaven is in the eye of the beholder.
When our eyes are filled with soot, how can we see anything other than gray and black.
To look through a filter of negativity, we cannot see anything positive.
So let’s clear our vision, open the windows and look for the beauty.

Now is the time to seek the Goodness in life.
Now is the time to listen for enjoyment.
Now is the time to experience the Beauty.
Now is the time to appreciate what Is.

This is another day in which to decide to appreciate and affirm the Good.
This is your day to deny, to forgive, to ignore and undo what is not Good.
This is your day to release habits of negativity, hopelessness and despair.
This is your day to learn to celebrate, to magnify and create what really is.

You see we have been given beauty and bounty.
We must believe it to perceive it.
We have been given love and joy and peace.
We must be willing to give it to receive it.

Life offers infinite possibility.
Life gives us unlimited choice.
Life opens the door to great Goodness.
Life is fully lived when we truly forgive.

When we are ungrateful, unforgiving and self-denying, we cannot believe.
When we have shut down the love we are meant to share, we cannot see.
When we feel unworthy of the Goodness and Beauty that is, we cannot receive.
When we seek for the evil and wrong-doing in ourselves and others, we cannot find the Truth.

This is your day to forgive and give only Good.
This is your day to remember the Truth of Love.
This is your day to have an experience of heaven.
This is your day to open to appreciate the God all around us.

Loving you,
Betty Lue