Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You a Grownup?

Do you take responsibility for your words, behavior and your emotions?
Do you speak respectfully to everyone no matter what the circumstance?
Are you responsible for your financial debts including any losses?
Are you willing to acknowledge your mistakes and make needed corrections?
Do you honor other people even when they make mistakes?
Do you trust yourself and rely on your own judgment ?
Are you willing to stand up for yourself and express your need and preferences?
Are you OK with times of difficulty and challenge, knowing that great learning will come?
Are you supportive of those who come to you in need, trusting your can and will help?
Do you take care of your mind, body and Spirit with the best thoughts, food and activities?
Are you willing to contribute to those people and activities that you find valuable?
Do you take the time to appreciate the life you have created for yourself?
Are you open to learning new and better ways to live, love and contribute to your world?

Most of us want to grow up, but few can pass the test of maturity.
We seek to depend on a partner, employer, friend or government to care for us.
While interdependency works for mature adults who give as much or more than they receive, those who seek to “get” and take more than their fair share may never grow up.
Imagine what you would gain from really being responsible for your life, your relationships, your home and job, your finances and your future.
Imagine letting go of your needy and dependent self. What do you believe you would lose?

Is it time to choose to grow up?
Are you willing to step into full responsibility?
Are you ready to create your life with vision, confidence and creativity?

Let’s go. Life is calling us to step up and be responsible and accountable!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
What you do models for others what they can and will do.