Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miracles Are Natural

Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.
You come from Love. You are a child of Love.
Therefore you are a miracle.
Everything created from Love is a miracle of Love.

You are created to create.
You are here to create the Good, the beautiful and the Holy.
When we forget to create only Goodness, something has grown wrong.
A mistake, a temporary lack of Love, an illusion has been created.
Often we are misguided in our unloving creations which come solely from fear.

Cooking with Love.
Writing with Love.
Working with Love.
Relating with Love.
Driving with Love.
Playing with Love.
Living with Love.
Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.

To be considered…..
Is it possible that life is fun and safe and easy when we are creating with Love?
Is it conceivable that Love keeps us safe?
Is it plausible that when we are Loving we see and think, and feel and act only with Love?

In our miracle-mindedness, we literally transform what seems to be a mistake into a blessing and gift.
In our miracle-readiness, we are open and willing to receive the miracles of Love we deserve.
In our naturally innocent and trusting state, we trust Goodness and Wholeness and Beauty in all things.

Simple Miracle Reminder:
Miracles before me.
Miracles behind me.
Miracles above me.
Miracles below me.
Miracles within me.
For I am a miracle.

Loving you as the Miracle of Love You Are,
Betty Lue

Yes, you too are a child of Goodness and Light.
You too are beloved.

You too are here to create more wholeness, Goodness and Beaut
You too are a joy of natural innocence and Love.
You are a Miracle.