Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Is What You Make of It

Life shapes you, until you decide Who is creating and What will be created.
Life can be an interactive and co-creative experience, when you assume responsibility.
First Dependent on others and their agendas, we lack a sense of power or purpose.
Stepping into Independence, we find our determination and destination and power.

It is only in Interdependence that we fully experience trust and freedom.

Most people see life as having power over them.
They view themselves as either victimized or lucky.
They stand back and wait to see what will happen.
They are dependent on the weather, others’ agendas and moods and the politics of the world.

Without a destination, a navigation system and a captain at the helm, we are adrift in the sea of life.

When we have a view that we are going to challenge life and make it conform to us, we may be surprised.
When we affirm and demand, manipulate and connive, we can get our way some of the time.
There are many forces at play in this world of stuff and things, changing wills and ways.
Our best bet is to step forward with a clear goal, live our purpose and move around obstacles.

Growing in confidence with inner guidance system operational, we begin to hear and intuit what is.

With expanded awareness, correcting our errors, forgiving others, we begin to awaken to what can be.
In coming to know the terrain within ourselves and outside in the world, we have some understanding.
We realize that we cannot know everything and cannot effectively defend against others’ choices.
So we surrender our personal certainty to a greater understanding and guidance within.

It is in our dependence on God and Good within, that we come to realize our true power and purpose.
It is in this interdependence on ourselves and a Higher Power that we enjoy contentment and peace.
It is in our relinquishment of defenses and judgment that we recognize complete safety.
It is in this interactive and omnipresent relationship that we are truly trusting.

When we set our destination as Peace, and trust in our inner knowing of how to navigate around distracting conflicts, with total determination to follow the High Way, we find our path and purpose.
Life is lived best with interaction with the Guidance within.
When we actively co-create our experience, we come to realize our Power and our Peace.

Blessings of Joy to one and all,
Betty Lue