Friday, October 24, 2008

Here I Am

We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.
When we can affirm and believe this truth, there is confidence and trust in ourselves.
When we are trusting in the rightness of our experience, we drop judgment and see gift.
When we believe in Goodness, we perceive Goodness in all things.

First comes trust in what is.
Then we drop away our fearful distortions and judgments.
We become aware of what is beneath what seems to be.
With right perception of the experience we have created for ourselves, we receive what is valuable.

Life is about relinquishing our attack on events, people and experiences we have.
With forgiveness of our fears, comparisons, evaluation and judgment, we begin to see the light.
The Truth dawns on us as we realize we have created, or generated that which we perceive.
In all things there is value in the creation.

To erase where we missed the mark (sin) is to see the bulls-eye and recognize the Light within.
To give Love is to receive love. To be grateful is to see what we appreciate shining through.
To find peace within is to undo the clouds of disillusionment.
To be the Light is to delight at where we are and what we give.
To enjoy giving and transforming our judgments into jewels is to reveal the power of healing.
To be a healing presence is to heal our own misperceptions or cloudy seeing with Love and Gratitude.
To see with Love is to reveal the intrinsic Love and Goodness in all things.

Try then to look on all things with Love, open-mindedness and appreciations.
Seek for the miracles in order to see them.
Be willing to give what you want to have.
Open your heart to speak only the High Truth to all you encounter.
Enjoy the blessings which you may take for granted.
Stop complaining and see what you are gaining.
Be delighted with what it and you will see what else there can be.
Know that you are painting on the blank canvas of life the pictures you are choosing to see.
Recognize we are all manifesting that which we believe will be.
Life is a creation of imagination, belief and will all combined to yield our experience.
Giving our mind, emotions, words and activities to the Highest Good yields that which is Good.

Once we discover the artistry of life, we turn our lives over to the Master Creator and enjoy the beauty.
Loving you in learning to undo fear and choose only Love,
Betty Lue