Friday, October 17, 2008

Did You Know?

Life is what you make it.
You are always creating and recreating your life, your perceptions, your relationships and your attitude.
You can change any of these externally by changing your own mind internally.
Perception follows thought and emotion.
What we think and feel creates what we see and hear and experience.
When we are grouchy and critical, we see what is wrong and feel irritated.
When we are happy and appreciative, we see what is good and feel blessed.
It is simple! Life is what we make it……with our thoughts and emotions.

You can be and have what you really want.
By being all we want to be…everyday in every way, we experience what we really want.
Anything that is denied to us, we have denied ourselves.
Yes, there is the split focus and energy of “yes, but…” and “if only” and “not now”.
When we are not fully in alignment with our highest good and the good of all, we will deny ourselves.
When we have aligned ourselves with our values and what is right and good, we have what we want.

It is never too late to change our minds and change our ways and change our life.
I have often spoken of “doing the work”.
For me erasing my unhealthy habits of mind, forgiving past mistakes of others and myself, clarifying my own values and priorities and disciplining my self to remember and practice everyday is the key.
I can change everything in the moment in which I change my choices and my actions.
And when we change our choices, there is an immediate change in attitude, perception and experience.

We can learn from everyone and everything.
Life is a constant opportunity to heal our misperceptions, grow in love and become more consistent.
Life offers challenges as we call them forth to develop our own willingness to wake up and be responsible and accountable for our choices or lack thereof.
Life is an experience of crises designed to wake up even the most unconscious ones or an experience of innumerable opportunities to love unconditionally, serve Goodness from our hearts and to remember there is Good in all things. When we are sleeping on the job, the wakeup calls are dramatic. When we are paying attention, the wakeup calls are farm more subtle and simply gentle reminders, we are choosing.

You are the captain of your own destiny.
There is an inner navigation system which guides us on fun, safe and easy paths of joyful learning.
When we listen within, rather than to the popular voices outside, we discover how easy life can be.
When we obey external opinions and popular beliefs, we experience the ordinary challenges of life.
When we are defensive or confrontational, allowing fear to guide us, we experience resistance and pain.
There is an inner guidance system available to all of us which guides us to a happy and fulfilling life.
Listen and choose the guidance that leads you in the way you want to go.

You need to choose:” Would you rather be Happy or be Right?”
You will discover that when you go for being “right”, you are making others wrong.
It will not be happy or peaceful for either of you.
When you choose to be right, you take a position and stick with it.
You become resistant, defensive, demanding and rigid.
The best position to take is none. Express yourself one time with the thought, feelings and beliefs you hold and then fully let go. Drop your position and listen openly with compassion. When you are willing to be happy and have a happy relationship, life is easy and fun to navigate.

Shared with love and respect for us all in all of our life choices,
Betty Lue

Bouncing away all the cares of the world. Be free.
Yes you can let it all go and be happy too!
Do you dare to become as a child and simply enjoy being here and now with what is!!