Saturday, September 27, 2008

What now?

What did you expect?
When we expect an outcome, plan and prepare, affirm and encourage, we usually eventually get what we want.
When we dream of an outcome, hold it secret, sacrifice, save, and wish, we often are disappointed.
Life is a cycle of seeming ups and downs, wins and losses to handle all climates.
Life offers challenges and plateaus to strengthen and restore us to our highest Truth.

Just like higher education…..we are here to learn how to learn, not what to learn.
We are here to discover our creativity, not the right way.
We are here to forgive mistakes, not stop making them.
We are here to walk with those who we can engage with, not those who simply agree.
We are here to enjoy the journey with all its detours, not be so cautious we never meander.

Life is a smorgasbord of experiences and opportunities.
Life gives us a potpourri of choices, each with its own fragrance.
Life can be boring or exciting, flatline or eventful, depending on our choice and ability.
We each give ourselves exactly what, when , where and how we need to get it.

WE are choosing just for our own edification and experience:
Isolation or involvement?
Find fault or learn something?
Contemplate or become impatient?
Keep going or quit?

If the choices you see before you seem disheartening, breathe deep.
Look for places where you have been inspired.
Find sources of celebration and gratitude in what is here and now.
Give yourself credit for what you have done.
Be considerate of everyone who is doing the best they can.
Give up the useless task of asking why or who or what is to blame.
Look for what can you do now…immediately and directly.

You begin to see…..
There is a never ending series of learning opportunities (crises and challenges).
There is always a chance to redeem your losses with greater wins than you can imagine.
There is a way to affirm, encourage and accept the Goodness that Is into your life right now.

Loving you and me and all of us in the most inspiring way I know.
Betty Lue