Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Wasted or Time Well Spent?

Perhaps the question is: “Do you love You?”
When we love ourselves, all time spent is spent well.
Whether we are resting, educating, entertaining, serving, growing, healing or simply being, we have chosen to engage in positive and inspiring activities for our benefit when we are loving ourselves.

Every moment is of our choosing.
Worrying is not a useful or loving habit.
So time spent on worry could well be seen as wasteful.
Healing our worry is a useful and valuable use of our time.

There are many habits, addictions, busywork in which we engage which have no real value and may even be experienced as detrimental to our well=being, physically or financially, mentally or creatively, emotionally or relationally.
Take a look at your daily life and ask what enhances your whole life.
What gives you energy, inspiration and a feeling of well-being?

Look at eliminating what no longer serves you.
Look at using those activities in which you engage routinely by seeing them differently.
Look at feeling pleased by everything you do with no feelings of guilt, worry, fear or fatigue.
Look at forgiving your past for giving yourself unhealthy or unhappy experiences.

You life is yours to be lived as a gift of Love to you and for you.
When you are truly “Loving” you, you will feel good and loving towards others.
You will wish them well and encourage them to do what is loving for them.
The circle of love grows each moment that we lovingly give each moment to loving ourselves.

Loving you and me and all as one,
Betty Lue