Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to Care and Share and Be Fair

When we move through life with spiritual maturity, we learn to grow beyond our petty demands, our selfish needs and seeking to outdo others. In infancy we focus on basic survival needs. As toddlers, we assert our little self and our need to get attention. As young children, we try hard to please, following rules and being obedient to make everyone happy. And in adolescence in our struggle to emancipate, we seek independence, gathering information and experiences from which to choose on our own. These are usual developmental stages where some get stuck for their entire lives and some outgrow.

When we grow into adulthood, we begin to realize what is fair for all. We care about those around us and share what we have that everyone might feel safe and secure and valued. At this principle-centered stage of development, we seek win-win solutions without competing for “one-upsmanship” or taking more than our fair share of credit, reward, acknowledgment. We recognize on this planet what works is “one for all” and “all for each one.” We reach out with service, volunteerism, being friendly to strangers and forgive other’s apparent wrong-doings. We seek to find better ways to live which protect the environment and create a better world for future generations. Life becomes an opportunity to expand goodness among all people. We give for the sake of giving rather than trying to get what we think we want. We take care of our own needs so we can truly give unconditionally to others. Life works easily because we give what is fair wherever we go.

Where are you in your spiritual growth?
Protecting, defending and looking out for your own survival?
Wanting to show off and prove to others how “right” you are?
Willing to do whatever it takes to please those around you?
Trying to be self sufficient and not need anyone’s help or ideas?
Or ready to develop teamwork with respect, responsibility and cooperation?

Know life is challenging us to grow.
Growth is easiest when we are not judging ourselves or others.
Where you are finding fault, forgive, let go and trust everything is for learning.
And be kind to yourself and others as you learn and let go and return to love again.

During these times, judge no one and you will experience inner peace.
During life’s challenges, trust in the highest outcome and you will not be afraid.
During upsetting or confusing times, be quiet and wait for inner understanding.
During serious and difficult times, you can bring the voice of reason and appreciation.

Life is Good when we seek only Goodness for ourselves and All.

Loving you and All,
Betty Lue

Add a little levity to your life. It takes away the stress.
What Daddy taught us (and our Grandpa encouraged).