Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Serenity Prayer

God, grant me
the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.
or (“the wisdom to see options when I thought there were none.” from Robert)

Oh how fun to use a new font.
See, I changed something I could change!
I can write these reminders for myself and share them with you.
I can tell the highest truth I know.
I can live the principles and ideals that feel beneficial to all humanity.
I can remember to treat myself and others with respect.
I can give appreciation to people, institutions and ideas that I want to grow.
I can be responsible for everything I think, do and say and all the choices I make.
I can cooperate and move in harmony with what will awaken, educate and inspire.
I can…..and so I do.
You can and you can do, too!.

I accept that I cannot change your mind, your behavior, your beliefs and your ideals.
I accept that the world and its people will awaken one at a time when souls are willing.
I accept that life is a failsafe venture in which we will all remember Love one day.
I accept that my life is mine and your life is yours.
I accept that I can touch and teach and inspire those who are called to be with me.
I accept that each one has their own right time, right place and right teachers and teachings.
I accept the way life is perceived differently in our individualized perceptions and beliefs.
I accept the current state of humanity and the level of fear and separation from Goodness and God.

And I ask for guidance each day and now with these reminders about how I am to relate.
How am I to proceed?
What can I do this day to leave my world a little better?
What can I do with this phone call to offer a little positive input?
What can I do with this writing to inspire the actualization of Love?
What can I do to love and respect myself and all beings so that we expand the realm of Love on Earth?

What I can do is remember.
What I can do is visualize.
What I can do is behave respectfully.
What I can do is love you, One and All.
What I can do is treat myself well.
What I can do is to forgive the world and its apparent mistaken perceptions and behaviors.
What I can do it forgive myself and return to Love, all abiding and unconditional Love.
What I can do is to stop judging, fearing, fixing, criticizing and Love it all anyway.
In Love I remember and see only Love.
Betty Lue