Friday, September 12, 2008


We need to remember to respect one another in all ways.
And what does respect really mean to each one of us?
Think of someone who you respect highly.
Look at how you would treat that person, if they were a guest in your home.
Consider how you would speak with that individual.
Notice how you would see them, serve them, appreciate them.
Now give to yourself and others at that high level of respect.

Notice how your view of the world changes which you are living with respect.
Give to others, as you want to be given to.
Speak with others, as you want to be spoken to.
Honor others, as you want to be honored.
Remind everyone with the highest level of respect.
Treat yourself with that same respect.

This evening some moving people came into my home .
I heard them speak with loud and disrespectful voices with my husband.
I knew they were hot and tired and perhaps frustrated because we did not have the cash they wanted.
However, it was clear I first needed to speak with them respectfully.
I requested that they speak with respect to my husband.
I stated, “This is my home, a place of peace and respect.”
I requested that they speak without shouting.
I offered them cool water.
I watched how they shifted when I called them, “gentlemen and lady”.
I noticed he quieted. even though he said he always spoke loudly,
I asked that they be respectful in the presence of my mother.
They responded and things became quiet.
Solutions were found.
Everyones” needs will be met.
I trust that with good will and respect, all are benefitted.

It is time to for all to be reminded.
It is time to acknowledge our errors.
It is time to apologize and make amends.
It is time to treat everyone as we would treat a guest in our homes.
It is time to take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can treat everyone with respect and love.

Now is the time.
Our global family needs to remember to treat one another with respect and dignity.

Blessing us all in our willingness to be respectful and responsible.
Betty Lue