Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Relationship Issues

Whether you have issues respecting and loving your parents, your partners, your children or your employers, the issues have their origin within us. Therefore, The solutions are also within ourselves.
Where you have conflicts,, resentments, hurts or fears represent the externalization of what lies within.

The Good News: When you are at peace, happy and loving yourselves, all problems disappear.
The Truth: Every upset is a wakeup call, inviting us to Do The Work!
The Work: To forgive and heal every unloving thought and Be the Love You Are consistently.

This morning’s guidance:
“What is really important is that we be happy within ourselves. To please others gets us out of integrity and separate from God and Good within. The Inner Voice is our choice to honor the One We Are, to know God and respect God within. When we chose to honor external voices we made the choice to handle the cries and complaints of those externally seeking to confirm their own confusion amidst their lostness. Live is meant to be lived internally-referring to the Highest Good within. Honoring only what our heart guides us to be and do Anything else is untrue.
Let your heart lead the way.
Live life every day.
Be willing to shout hooray and amen.
Time to begin again.”

Yes, it is true that all we really need to do is love ourselves well. Learn again to listen within. Follow the voice that only leads to happiness and inner peace. This is the highest and best way to love everyone, including ourselves. Everyone wins when we are truly Happy.

If you observe your mind, it is your unkind and unloving thoughts that lead you into pain, judgment, fear and anger. If you watch your thinking, you will see that you feelings come from the very thoughts you are thinking. If you listen to your feelings, they lead you to speak the unkind or judgmental words you have made real. If you pay attention to your behavior, you realize that you attitude in each moment determines how you act and interact. All our relationships come from how we are perceiving them.

Only when you are totally loving you and happy within yourself can you find the loving words and creative solutions to begin to build the bridge to true and lasting love.
Begin today. And shout “Hooray”. You are willing to do the work. Rewards, both inner and outer follow.

Come on Saturday to our Conscious Relationships Seminar….or listen on line. (Ask me how.) And do the following exercise for 30 days or forever. Know that as you move along your spiritual path of healing, the smallest things will invite you to remember to do the Real Work everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue