Monday, September 15, 2008

Make Your Voice Be Heard

Are you willing to speak up?
Do you say what you mean without attack?
Are you clear in your intention?
Do you have an end in mind?

Conditions for respectful dialogue.
Ask for the best time to share your piece.
Set the stage with optimum conditions.
Be clear about your desired outcome.
Speak what is for the highest Good of all concerned.
Listen intentionally to the response from the other.

Make sure you have the best conditions of non distraction, confidentiality, no interruption and willingness of the other to be heard.
Respect the other’s time, energy and interest before entering into a dialogue.
Make sure that you know the outcome you desire.
Give clearly the goal for the communication
Be specific about what the parameters are for the dialogue: ie time, energy and focus.
Be non-attacking and own your own perceptions (facts according to you), feelings and preferences.
Be non-demanding, and make requests.
Give yourself and the other adequate time to state your differing perceptions.
Remember that everyone deserves respect and the right to believe, choose and live their way.
After you share your truth (experience, ideas, perceptions), invite them to share theirs.
Give adequate time for them to have their reflection and response before saying more.
Really listen to what they see and say and feel and want.
You are more likely to be heard when you can real hear the other’s difference.

Life works when we give respect to ourselves and to one another and our differences.
There are many ways to share and listen, to dialogue and disagree without attack or name-calling.
There are many ways to harmonize, negotiate, relook at what works for everyone without fighting.
There are many ways to live, love and give to one another without causing separation and negativity.

Mature people step up in their dialogue.
Mature people remain open in their communication.
Mature people are respectful and responsible in all relationships.
Now it the time to lead the way and speak up in ways that will be respected and heard.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
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