Friday, September 19, 2008


The power of integrity is found in 100% living in the Highest Truth you know.
The power of integrity is created with giving 100% of yourself to the Highest Good for All.
The power of integrity is manifest when you live your best and give your best to life.
The power of integrity is unlimited and available when your are in right relationship with your Self.

Life is a practice ground for learning how energy works.
Life is an experimental laboratory for discovering the effectiveness of being single minded in Truth.
Life is an adventure in trust and freedom when you realize you are always choosing your experiences.
Life is a grand opportunity to give and receive the Highest and the Best in all ways.

When we believe one thing and do another, you split focus, intention and effectiveness.
When you are in conflict, energy leaks and is lost.
When you are aware of being out of integrity and dishonest with yourself and others, you feel stressed.
When you are not in alignment with the thoughts, words and behavior you value, you will feel fatigue.

Life is a constant lesson in how to succeed, win, benefit, be happy and fulfilled.
Life gives us constant feedback about what works and doesn’t work.
Life demonstrates easy ways to discern our right path.
Life offers the freedom to explore and find what is True for us.

When you seek the Highest and Best for yourself and others, you will see a simple and narrow path.
When you value what will benefit all with no one losing, you will experience the joy of living well.
When you remember You are a Gift of Love, you can give every moment to Goodness for All.
When you know what you give is received in the moment of givingness, you give only Good.

Life works when we do the work.
Integrity is living what we believe.
Integrity is giving what we want to receive.
Integrity is being True to ourselves consistently.

Integrity is honesty.
Honest is to trust ourselves always.
Integrity is living our agreements.
Living our agreements builds trust.
Integrity is focus.
Focus is for creating a positive intention.
Integrity is power.
Power is for realizing Good for All.

Our world is calling for integrity.
Teach only Love.
Betty Lue