Saturday, September 13, 2008

How To Be Helpful

In times of trouble, disaster, and tragedy what can we do?
Prayers of Peace for those who are serving.
Prayers of Faith and resourcefulness for those in fear.
Prayers of Kindness for those who are angry and impatient.
Prayers of Generosity for those who can share from their Goodness.
Yes, Prayer serves when there is action following our prayer.

When we give more Faith, Kindness, Generosity and Goodness to those within our family system wne community, We are giving to one and all.
As our attention and intention flows, there our energy goes.
We are creating the experience we share with our thoughts, words and activities.
It serves us to serve those in need.
It brings us into a state of peace and faith and Kindness when we serve.
It leaves us fearful, angry and impoverished when we withhold the Love within.
To give is to receive.
To give prayer, we receive the prayer.
To give faith, we experience more faith.
To be kind, we feel kindness within and for ourselves.
To give generously, we realize how much we have and feel fulfilled.
To be helpful benefits everyone including ourselves.

This is our purpose: To be happy and helpful with one another.
This is Love.
This is the Golden Rule: To Love one another as we would have others Love us.

Where do we begin?
How do we love our neighbors, our fellow man?
What can you and I do?

To begin, we must be ready, willing and able to help.
To be ready is to have our own lives in order.
To give from emptiness or neediness does not serve and will further deplete us.
To be willing is to open our hearts to giving what will truly benefit and bless others.
To withhold ourselves and our natural giving nature is to deny that we are abundantly blessed.
To be able is to take impeccable care of our own family, community and function right where we are.
To be unable is to sacrifice those around us to perform some “more urgent or noble task” for others.

There is an abundance of all things necessary to serve the needs of all.
The problem economically is distribution, some say.
The problem may also be our unwillingness to trust.
All our needs will be met when we give generously that which we have for the Greater Good.

Let us remember in times of great need (personal, national or global) that serving One, serves all.
Each one of us has a part to play in serving the Greater Good.
Be ready, willing and able right where you are.
When you hear the call within to travel to help, to send money to help, to pray faithfully to help or to give your Love, faith generosity and kindness right where you are, follow your heart and Give.

Loving you and all those who need these words to remind us to respond with Love,
Betty Lue
Love is our response-ability.