Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There is power in focus.
There is creativity in focus.
There is peace in focus.
There is healing in focus.

When we are distracted by interruptions, we lose focus.
When we are delayed by other concerns, we lose power.
When we are drawn in multiple directions, our creativity is diffused.
When we are called to serve many masters, we are not unified in focus or intent.

Who do I serve?
What do I intend?
How am I called to live?
When our focus is clear, we easily succeed.

I serve the Highest Good for All.
I intend to offer peace and extend Love.
I am called to live with Gratitude and Joy.
My focus in all activities, words and imaginings is this, and so I am fulfilled.

When experiencing distress, know there is detour, delay and distraction.
When feeling upset, know you have lost your focus and purpose.
When things are not going well, be still and remember what it is you serve. intend and live.
Remember that life can be fun, safe and easy when we focus on the Good.

Loving you in Remembering!
Betty Lue