Sunday, September 07, 2008

Everything is a Lesson and Everyone a Teacher

This could easily be written:” Everyone and everything is a reminder to Love.”

Where we are attacked or criticized, we are called to Love.
When we are afraid, we are invited to Love.
When we feel discouraged, we are being shown where we have forgotten.
When we want to quit, we are being asked to Love no matter what.

This world has a multitude of challenges.
Every one of them is simply a mis-creation based on a lack of Love.
Our relationships offer opportunities for forgiveness and healing.
Every one of them is an invitation to learn to love no matter what.

Where we see a problem, in love we can easily find or create possible solutions.
Where we are afraid and judgmental, we contract in our thinking and see only the past.
When we hurt, discouraged and disconnected, we act with defensiveness, justification and reactivity.
When we remember to forgive and love again, we are open, listening and trusting opportunities to heal.

Life brings us challenges, to strengthen our faith.
Life pushes our buttons, so we recognize and heal our wounds.
Life offers difficulties to encourage our resilience and flexibility and limitlessness.
Life brings us together with those who need our forgiving love and patience and kindness.

When we learn to fear the world and its inhabitants, we are taught to attack or avoid. (Fight or Flight)
When we run, we increase our fear and want to keep on running from the slightest problem. (anxiety)
When we fight, we increase our rage and look at every difficulty as something to attack. (anger)
Whether we withdraw into an addiction or live judging and attacking others, we need to heal.

Handling the pain of disappointment, abuse, criticism, jealousy or just plain insanity is important.
Each one of us must find our own way to unlearn destructive habits and undo unhealthy dependencies.
Each one of us must give ourselves credit for surviving and making the best our of our difficulties.
Each one of us can find a way with faith and willingness to learn a better way to live and teach.

In the end, it always begins within you and me.
In the beginning it always starts within my home and heart.
In the middle, it always calls for my patience, forgiveness and kindness to myself.
Always in all ways, you and I are remembering to love no matter what.

Loving you,
Betty Lue