Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Different Kinds of Love

(Very important reminder!)

In reflecting, contemplating and listening within for this Saturday’s seminar on Conscious Relationship: Understanding Differences,
a new realization came through. (You see I am constantly learning.)

There are three types of motivations for relationships.
1) Those seeking Love.
2) Those giving Love.
3) Those being Love.

Is your life currently about getting the Love you need?
Is your life about giving the Love you have?
Is your life about being the Love you are?

These are three very different reasons for being in relationship.
These differing motivations are totally missed when we deeply express, “I love you!”.
And the recipient of our “Love” may be really confused by how we express our Love.

Yes, our underlying and often unconscious motivations change as we grow, mature and evolve.
Yes, we can only know what is true for us. We cannot know what is true for another until they are clear.
Yes, we all seek, give and be “LOVE” according to our own unique definition.
What matters is that we discover and clarify our underlying motivation.

Some learned definitions of the Love we seek, give and be:
Love = Power, Fear, Restriction, Need, Freedom, Respect, Obedience, Trust, Attachment, Surrender, etc.
While these varieties of Love sound contradictory, they fit for those who have experienced them as Love.

Now what do we do with all this stuff?
To know, respect and love oneself is key to successful relationship.
Joining in a unified goal is key to successful relating.
Being honest with ourselves and others, without pretense or withhold, eases the mystery and tension.
Being willing to learn and receive as well as teach and give is key to equality.
Being committed to the relationship goal and to what is truly best for everyone is key.
Being responsible for what we think, say and do, erasing all judgments of ourselves and the other matters.

Come on Saturday, if this has piqued your interest…or listen to the audiotape on line after the seminar.
Let me know and I will tell you how to get the on line audio….
I am excited too, to hear what we have to share.
There is always something new to learn and remember!
Loving you and me in our learning about Love,
Betty Lue