Thursday, September 04, 2008

Concern and Request

I prefer to step away from politics within my Loving Reminders, as well as in counseling and coaching.
I asked for guidance this morning about my concerns and what I wanted to share.
I heard that in this position of respectful influence I am to share the Highest Truth I know and trust that it is Good.
Each one makes their own decisions based on their beliefs and other subtle and overt influences.
Trust your brothers to choose and encourage them to be enlightened choice-makers.
And so I do trust You.

This is a critical time in the world’s history.
National politics needs to be seen as a piece of the greater whole.
This is a time of the emergence of a global and universal perspective.
What is good for all people, all nations, all religions, all flavors of humanity.
We are One.
Whenever any brother is hurt or ignored, all are effected and fear increases.

This is a time for a renewed sense of honesty, authenticity and genuine concern for all people.
We need leadership of peace and wisdom, reflection and consideration, principle and policies which take into consideration all people on the planet.
I believe the choice is obvious and clear to those who are thinking without prejudice and reactivity.
I believe the contrast is blatant and only one choice seems respectful, thoughtful and healthy to me.
However, It may not be clear to those who are afraid and caught up in party allegiance or nationalism or feminism.

Some speeches rely on negative emotion to carry the message.
Other speeches rely on content to inspire the listener.
Even the convention responses were obviously different (boos/cheers or listening respectfully.)

This time my prayer is that all people who are able take the time to listen, learn and vote for what they want in their leadership.
I know our country needs a change and now is our tie.
Please step up and be counted.
Care enough to vote with wisdom and knowledge.
Listen within and vote for the Highest Good of All.

For the first time I made a contribution to the candidate which I am wholeheartedly supporting.
I am inspired and uplifted which I hear him speak.
I have great hope for a big and obvious turnaround with forthcoming advances in the economy, education, health care and our international reputation.
I am hopeful and I want us all to hold a vision for a world of peace and well-being for all.
Quality home life, health care and educational opportunities for all children in the world.
We must begin at home.

Enough for now and thanks for listening.
Know that even when we disagree, we are loving one another.
Loving and blessing you,
Betty Lue