Saturday, September 06, 2008

Can You Bloom Where You are Planted?

When we plant ourselves in unfertile soil, we will not be nourished.
When we are growing in a limited pot, we will be constricted in growth.
When we are over watered, we will drown in too much of a good thing.
When we are ignored and dry out, we will wither and die.

Are you planted where you can bloom?
Are you staying because you made an agreement?
Are you noticing the conditions of your environment?
Are you willing to take impeccable care of you?

What is your commitment in this life?
Are you here to give your life for the sake of others?
Are you here to leave a legacy for those that follow?
Are you here to make a big presentation and then slip into the shadows?

Some plants need bright sunshine.
Some plants need the shade.
Some plants need some light or filtered light.
What is the place you will bloom into the Beauty God intended for you?

Are you overgrown and calling for pruning?
Are you withering due to lack of sun or rain?
Are you being ignored and neglected by those around you?
Is it time for you to listen to your own needs and choose again?

Sometimes we have the role of background.
Sometimes we stand in the spotlight and shine.
Sometimes we are the mainstay of all those around us.
Sometimes we are here to stand alone.

All roles we play are magnificent and right when we can grow where we are planted.
When we are supporting ourselves to live fully and freely, happy and abundant, we are in the right place.
When we are playing a role assigned by others because we are afraid to move, we are limiting our growth.
Take time to assess your environment and whether the conditions support your abundant Self.

You can take the risk to move into the conditions that will benefit your growth.
Be inspired to live fully and freely that you might share abundantly the beauty that is You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue