Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Life is a circle.
Everything that seems to interrupt the natural flow is but a reminder that something was missed.
Our errors in our life journey seem to be from following others, being detoured or delayed by fear or judgment or simply our inattention to what is before us.

Choose to use each day as a teaching or reminder.
Choose to honor your experiences as opportunities to heal, to forgive, to undo what is untrue.
Choose to give your best and let the rest go, undoing itself effortlessly.
Choose to focus on where you are going rather than on where you have been.

The past can wake us up.
The present is here to appreciate.
The future will come without trying.
Our real work is to let go, to enjoy and to trust.

When I am really present, I know what is right and true.
When I am present am in love and Joy.
When I am present, I receive and give the Gift.
When I am present, Life is fun, safe and easy.

Wholeness and balance come from honoring the life I have created and loving the Being I Am.
The blessings already are when I am present to receive and enjoy them.

Loving you and All,
Betty Lue