Sunday, August 17, 2008


“Forgive us for being so intolerant.
Forgive me for forgetting to Love.
Forgive humanity for missing the mark.
Forgive us for not loving ourselves well.”

Who is this we are asking to do the forgiving?
Could it be that there is no external judging force?
Maybe it is only we ourselves that we need to forgive?
Perhaps it is solely our judgment of ourselves and others that we must forgive?

Tolerance comes from seeing that we are all in this together.
Young and old, rich and poor, educated and ignorant, saintly and sinful,
Every one of us makes mistakes.
And every one of us seeks to feel safe and loved.

When we see and hear those who are negative, worried, resentful and confused,
we know that within there is a lack of love and a need to be loved, to belong and feel safe.
When we see those who are sullen, defensive, critical and attacking,
We realize there is a deep and abiding call for tolerance, for healing, for forgiveness and for Love.

The only need is to clear my own fear.
The real undoing is to let go of my assumptions and expectations.
The real call is to remember to Love everyone no matter what.
The real gift is to give the understanding (tolerance) and respect (Love) we want to receive.

This is the healing and holy moment in which I give the Love I Am.
Now is the opportunity to love everyone even as I am loved.
This is the relationship in which I am to let go of fear and concern and return to Love.
The One True Gift I have to give is the Love that lives in me.

May everyone be blessed with my presence.
May everyone be healed with my touch.
May everyone be reminded with my words.
May everyone be awakened with the Love we share.

This is my affirming prayer that we might live in Peace with All Beings.

Loving you,
Betty Lue