Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Real Work

The Real Labor is the Labor of Love.
When we are loving, we are happy.
When we are loving, we are healthy.
When we are loving, we are trusting.
When we are loving, we feel free.

When we are unhappy, we have work to do.
When we are unhealthy, we have work to do.
When we are distrusting, we have work to do.
When we feel limited, we have work to do.

Every day, we have work to do.
This work we have to do is to Love.
Do what you do with Love.
Be with those who come with Love.
Give what you have to give with Love.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

How does Love Look and feel and sound and taste?
Love tastes juicy and nutritious.
Love sounds harmonious and clear.
Love feels flowing and gentle.
Love looks radiant and alive.

The qualities of love are portrayed in 1 Corinthians of the Bible very well.
“Love is patient. Love is kind..
Love does not envy and is not puffed up.
Love does not behave rudely and does not seek its own,
Love is not provoked, and thinks no evil.
Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.
Love bears. Love believes all things.
Love hopes all things, Love endures all things.
Love never fails.”

Diagnosis of work to be done.
When I am impatient, unkind, jealous, rude, greedy, upset and focused on wrong-doing,
I have forgotten Love.
When I feel hurt, disillusioned, discouraged and like giving up, I have forgotten the power of Love.

I may be tired. I may feel childish. I may feel lazy. I may feel weak. It matters not.
Where I have forsaken Loving I must acknowledge, forgiven myself and choose again for Love.
When I choose what is True and Godly, health and happiness, patience and power emerge.
I am set free, when I forgive myself for letting the world get to me.

You may ask:
“Why do I have to be the one to do the work of remembering to Love?”
The answer will always be: “Because you are the One. You are the one who is conscious and caring. You are the One willing and listening. You are the One reading this reminder.”

“If I see something that needs to be done, it is up to me to do the work!”
Today is the day. And I am the One.
I am willing to listen and learn.
I am willing to show up and pay attention.
I am willing to forgive and love again.
I am willing to trust and respect the learning process.
I am willing to speak up and do the work.
I am willing.”

Remembering to Love,
Betty Lue