Wednesday, August 27, 2008


To Love You is to Love All.
To learn the lessons of Love is to let go of the lessons of fear.
To be an expression of Love is to Love everyone equally all the time.
To live the Truth of Love is to know Life can be fun, safe and easy in Love.

What is Love?
Love is Powerful.
Love is Creative.
Love is Conscious.
Love is Eternal.
Love is Present.
Love is Real.
Love is Trusting.
Love is Free.
Love is Goodness.
Love is God.

Love created you as an expression of Love.
As an expression of Love,
You are Powerful.
You are Creative.
You are Conscious.
You are Eternal.
You are Present.
You are Real.
You are Trusting.
You are Free.
You are Goodness.
You are a piece of God.
You are the peace of God.

When you forget and believe otherwise, you have disconnected and disassociated from the Love You Are.
When you feel weak, you have pulled the plug on source.
When you think you are lacking, unconscious, limited, anxious, fearful, bad and little, you are lost.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget we are Love.
The only correction we need to make is to remember to Love.

You are created by Love as Love for the Holy Healing Purpose of Loving.
Love is the Healer.
Love is the Truth.
Love is the Way.

Loving you all the way Home,
Betty Lue