Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love in Action

When you care, how do you show it?
When you love, how do you give it?
When you believe, how do you know it?
When you create, how do you manifest it?

You are Love in a body.
Your everyday activities demonstrate either Love or fear.
You are Love with a voice.
Everything you say to everyway teaches either Love or fear.
You are Love in your imagination.
Every thought and image you hold creates more Love or fear.

No matter how we dismiss our thoughts, they are powerful tools for creation.
No matter how we deny our words, they are powerful teachings to those who listen.
No matter how we hide our activities, they are powerful examples for others to follow.

There are no secrets.
Everyone hears (feels) the energies of our thoughts words and actions.
Everyone is learning from one another.
Everyone is either blessed or bumped by what we think, say and do.

Being true to the Love you are brings inner peace.
Living in integrity with our values gives us security.
Aligning for the highest Good of everyone grants us true happiness.
The rewards of Living Love in Thought. Word and Deed are profound.

Bring the Love you are to everyone in all situations and watch Love grow.
Give the Best you know to everyone every where and experience true Peace.
Hold loving thoughts and prayer for all the peoples of the earth and fear will pass away.
You see, it really is always your response ability that holds the key for your Happiness.

I am loving you, loving me, loving you and All as One.
Life works when we do the work of Loving All and All ways.
Betty Lue