Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Innocence of Youth

Our Three Grandchildren are Here for the Weekend
Lila and Harper (3 yrs. Old and Baby brother Beckett ( 22 mos and bigger)

Their Mom is off on a relaxing reunion with her high school friends.
And Daddy is working through the weekend. So I will keep this short.
So far pancakes we made into animal shapes for breakfast and sidewalk chalk drawings on the patio, a trip to local orchards for fabulous fruit picking and wagon-pulling. Then we went to the county park and beach by the river for sandy play and discovery, and home for quick bath and yummy lunch. Then we went off to the indoor pool for a quick swimming lesson with Grandma and Grandpa and now napping. They are bright curious and opening every drawer and closet to inspect and discover. Happy carefree, independent and willful: These are the signs of high self-esteemed children.

Are you happy carefree, independent and willful?
Do you explore your world and enjoy every minute of every day?
Are you willing to hug and smile and freely love the people who love you?
Do you eat with enjoyment and sleep long and well?

What if you were innocent and in love with life again?
What if you wanted to have fun and learn about everything?
What if you paid attention to people and really listen to them?
What if you loved being alive and woke up each day with joy?

Yes, life is fun, safe and easy when we are certain we are loved.
Yes, everyday is joyful when we feel safe and protected and at home.
Yes, we are at ease and relaxed when we know our needs are provided.
And who better to rely on than our Creator, the universal Parent of All Humanity.

Take a look around and see what is missing in your life.
Take a look within and see what you believe that makes you feel unsafe.
Listen to the workings of your mind to see what you hold that makes your life seem difficult.
These are the thoughts that bring us upset, fear and defensiveness.

I love being with the children (even though physically tiring) because…
They are honest in their expression,
Bold in their demands.
Gentle in their healing touch.
Open-minded when they ask for information.
And so trusting in their love.

They believe in Love.
They trust their needs will be met.
They are free in their exploration and expression.

I am loving the Child in me and You,
Betty Lue