Sunday, August 03, 2008

Healthy Changes and Healing Choices

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life!
It is true that only we can change ourselves.
Changes come from changing our choices.
How we respond to what is changes our experience.

If we are resistant, we may feel defensive.
If we are fearful, we may feel submissive.
If we are definite, we may feel obstinate.
If we are judging, we may feel frustrated.
If we are uncertain, we may feel ambivalent.
If we are mistaken, we may feel guilty.
If we are tired, we may feel weak.

How we see ourselves often determines how we feel about life.
The self image we hold paints our emotional and physiological picture of ourselves.
How we think and treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us.
How we are treated by others is often used as justification for our self evaluation.

To create healthy choices and changes, we may need to see what is less than wholesome for ourselves.
To create healthy changes, we must determine our goals and priorities.
Often we underestimate our worth and our ability to choose and change.
To transform our lives requires us to renew our minds.

The Creator’s Will for us, the “Children of God”, is for perfect happiness, health and inner peace.
When we see anything less for ourselves, we must begin by forgiving and cleansing our thinking.
When we are living less that the Highest and Best way for All, we must forgive ourselves.
Life is a choice and we are the choosers, so why not choose the way that gives us greatest happiness.

Most humans are re-enacting their past programming in order to heal unhealed experiences and history.
When we live and relive the past without conscious choice, we are doomed to confirm our self perception.
When we forgive and live our newly created image and life experience, we give ourselves to God. (Good)
Life is meant to heal all unhappiness, fears and failures.

So how do we change?
First we change the pictures in our minds.
Imagine how you want to feel, think, and what you want your life to be.
Second, we can change our words.
Begin to speak as if what you imagine is already true for you.
Third, we can change our feelings.
Choose emotions of happiness and inner peace.
Simply breathe in the feelings of gratitude and abundant joy and radiate those feeling to others.
Fourth, we can change our lifestyle.
Live as though what we envision were already so.
By acting as if we were radiantly healthy, abundantly happy and truly prospered and fulfill, we make it so.

Life is a kaleidoscope of color, light and sound, an ever-changing canvas on which we learn to heal, grow and create our own unique experience.
We are healing addictive emotions, limiting beliefs, faulty perceptions and unhealthy habits.

When we fully take responsibility and embrace our own creation, we feel powerful and fully alive.
So be it.
Be the One who takes the brush on the canvas of today and paint the way you want your life to be.

I am reminding you, as I am reminding me of the power of Love in us All.

Blessings to us all,
Betty Lue