Sunday, August 24, 2008


When we have forgiven, all that remains is a blessing.
“Those who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.”
From A Course in Miracles which teaches only forgiveness and Love.

The true test of our forgiveness is our willingness to fully and freely Give.
“Life is for giving. And we are the gift.”
When I am fully giving the gift of myself, I am in a state of Love and Joy.
When I am withholding the gift of myself, I will feel lacking, limited and guilty.

You can see by fully Being the You you are created to be that life works and Love flows.
You will feel unlimited in Power and in Peace.
You will know God’s grace and true prosperity in your life.
You will enjoy and appreciate all you have and give.

When we have forgiven, we see the Holiness in ourselves and those around us.
When we have forgiven, we living in the Present and enjoy the Beauty of Now.
When we have forgiven, we experience no fear and are clear in our perceptions.
When we have forgiven, we have a fun, safe and easy life moving around the obstacles.

Remember: the only mistake we every make is when we forget to Love.
So let’s forgive ourselves for forgetting to love everyone and everything all the time.

I am remembering to Love Me and You and All That Is.
Betty Lue