Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fight, Flight or Step Aside?

Yesterday I experienced three incidents which felt hurtful to my personality (ego).
One was direct confrontation.
One was an email with emotional dumping.
One was a request made through another person.

I have many choices available to me.
I can listen and learn.
I can forgive and heal.
I can deny and ignore.
I can take it in and feel offended.
I can let it make me sick and then resent.
I can feel guilt and withdraw.
I can feel hurt and feel resentment.
I can judge in return and seek vengeance.
I can justify and defend myself.
I can laugh and let go.
I can criticize myself and be careful.
I can read holy books and seek spiritual answers.
I can feel confused and seek therapy.
I can listen within and find peace.

Which sounds best to you?
Inner Listening:
So what is vulnerability, Betty Lue?
You know consciously that all attack is really in defense of the one making the attack. When your brothers are afraid, they often react with judgment of another. And when you are hurt by another, you are called to forgive yourself for being vulnerable.
You see, whatever is said or done to you or another is either a loving act (to be received with gratitude) or a call for love (to be invited to give forgiveness and Love).
Yes, it is simple. Yes, it is easy and much more fun than the usual approach to run, to fight or to simply pretend you have nothing to give.
And how does one respond, you ask. Yes, forgive your self for letting anyone or anything hurt you. Yes, give yourself the opportunity to respond to you and to them with spiritual forgiving Love.
Now is a time in your life of developing deeper sensitivity and compassion and strengthening your trust in Goodness and God. Much as an innocent and naturally loving child feels what is needed and attempts to respond, so you have requested to “Innocentize” yourself. And so it is…

You are given and giving opportunities to forgive the hurt and choose again for Love. You are asked to interpret others’ behaviors in the most simple way. Is this Love or a call for Love?
You are here to be the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and Wholeness and Holiness revealed. So be it!

I remember,
Betty Lue