Friday, August 22, 2008

Changing Our Minds

Did you know that changing your attitude effects your physiology?
Did you know that changing your thinking changes your emotions?
Did you know that changing your mind changes your perceptions?
Did you know that letting go of limited thinking changes your life?

When I get stuck with an unhappy experience, I change my thinking.
When I feel upset or afraid, I change my focus.
When I lose my way and feel unloved or uninspired, I affirm the Truth.
When I believe something that is negative, I let go and believe in Goodness and happiness.

Our perception follows our thoughts.
If we are thinking badly about something, we seek and find evidence for our thoughts.
If we are feeling angry and upset, we focus on what is wrong and bothering us.
If we are believing and expressing our worries and liming beliefs, we make ourselves right.

Happiness is an inside job.
Choosing to be happy requires a positive attitude, happy thoughts, letting go of yucky stuff and knowing we can have what we value.
Choosing to be helpful invites us to believe in ourselves, know we are loving and capable and giving without seeking anything in return.
Choosing to have a good life, one that is fun, safe and easy, asks only that we seek the Goodness in our lives, that we enjoy and appreciate all the Goodness we see around us and celebrate sharing our Goodness with others.

I am always willing to change my mind.
The result is healing.
The outcome is happy.
The experiences are unlimited.

Loving You and All That Is.
Betty Lue