Monday, August 18, 2008


All things work together for good.
It is a time for changing what no longer works for you.
It is a time to reevaluate your way of loving yourself.
It is a time to transform your special relationships into holy ones.
It is a time to shift your attention from analyzing and figuring our and simply listening.
It is a time to let go of what you thought was true and allow the Truth to unfold.
It is a time to undo whatever is false, limiting, lacking and setting you up for unhappiness or failure.
It is a time to make your path your own by letting go of allowing others to guide you to theirs.
It is a time to breathe deep, connect with Source within and let your life begin anew.
Yes, this is the time for healthy and healing change and transformation.

Are you willing to let go?
Are you willing to not know?
Are you willing to trust what is?
Are you willing to be the one who gives?
Are you willing to extend always and only love?
Are you willing to release everything to God and the Good?
Are you willing to know the blessings already are?
Are you willing to be as light and bold as a star in the night sky?
Are you willing to stop asking why and simply ask how?
Are you willing to release time and live in the now?

These are the questions to ask and answer with Yes.
Life is an opportunity to let go and grow.
I am willing.

Loving you and All That Really Is,
Betty Lue