Monday, August 25, 2008


Where we feel judged and do not erase it with total forgiveness, we begin to withhold and defend.
Where we have judged (attacked) anyone for anything, we fear being judged by others.
Where we stop children from expressing, creating and exploring, we teach them to limit themselves.
Where we stop ourselves from being All We are with doubt and fears, we teach ourselves to be limited.

I feel sad when I realize how our species has programmed itself and future generations to be afraid.
I feel guilt when I know that our parenting has stopped full free Self Expression with our children.
I feel limited when I see how each little piece of judgment, gossip and negativity impacts my free will.
I feel encouraged when I know that forgiveness of all of this everyday will set me and all free to be.

Judgment creates fear.
Fear creates judgments.
Fear and judgments teach humanity to withhold and block our Love, our Power, our freedom to Give.
Our withholds teach others to withhold and stifle their Loving expression and givingness.

Wow! Bigger than I realized.
Wow! We are doing it to ourselves everyday in everyway.
Wow! Every piece of gossip, every criticism, every harsh word is teaching humanity to not BE!
Wow! It’s up to you and me to set us all Free.

So here and now I affirm, I am willing to forgive myself for letting anyone or anything limit me.
Here and now, I give myself full permission to give all I am to everyone.
Here and now I forgive myself for anytime, I have shut you down or given fear-based messages.
Here and Now, I love, honor and respect you and me for weathering the storms of life and washing away all limitation, all lack, all pretending to be little or less than.

We are each and all important.
We are each a precious piece of God.
We are each one here to fully express the Love We Are.
We are part of the healing of the Whole, the One.

This is our time.
Be free.
Make freedom and trust be the way you love yourself and All That Is.
Betty Lue