Sunday, July 06, 2008

You Never Know

The best laid plans may need to be laid aside to accommodate what life offers.
To be flexible and resilient lets it be as it is.
When we let go of our plans and allow what comes our way, we can truly respond with love.

Usually I have all my workshops, classes, retreats and travels planned a year in advance.
When I envisioned a move out of the congested suburbs, it was to have been in two to five years.
Life began to respond to my vision.
There was the new home available close in, so I could easily continue my work.
There was the call from my Mom that she was no longer able to drive.
There was the opportunity to buy now as a 35+% discount.
Grandchildren were going to be in preschool.
There was the unexpected need to move out of the Center of Light. (Not enough support for it to work!)
The timing was tight, but possible with our annual Hawaii retreat and other activities.
So we responded with gratitude and delight.

Yes, we could have chosen differently.
Yes, we definitely could have chosen other timing.
But we make do with what we have to be done.

Letting go of plans can be fun, safe and easy.
When we are attached to our way, we feel the resistance.
When we are stuck with our own plans, we interfere with the process.
When we are unwilling to consider there might be a better way, we lose opportunities for Good.

So moving out of the Alameda Center on June 28.
Moving some furniture and appliances into new home on July 1.
Packing up everything for our next move July 2-11.
Giving away everything that is not needed by July 8. (simplifying)
Getting our home immaculate for next renters by July 11.
Performing a wedding on July 11.
Traveling to Kona, HI for annual retreat on July 12.
Spending time relaxing, retreating and editing my next books on holistic health and healing.
Traveling home on July 25.
Ministry Training July 26.
July 27th Unity on the Delta.
July 28th move into new home.
August 2 Robert flies to help Mom close her condo of 20 years.
August 5 Betty Lue flies to NC to complete with our Asheville friends ad help with move.
August 8 we three fly to MI for Dickerson Family Reunion and to visit with our MI friends.
August 11 we fly home to CA and our Mom’s new Tio Vista home with us.

Yes, if we had known we would have planned it differently, but this is the way it is. And the way it is is All Good, when you affirm it so with happy and grateful willingness.

Loving You and All just the way we are,
Betty Lue