Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Is the Problem?

Today’s reminder is a response to the anxious demands of those seeking external solutions and outside expert defenses.
The ego always defends itself with control dramas: intimidation, interrogation, withdrawal and isolation or playing “poor me” and victim.
The ego’s use of justification, or “false evidence appearing real" is really FEAR expressing itself.
The difficulty with our ego is that it does not want to step aside for spiritual answers.
The ego is “always right”. The ego insists on “winning” at the expense of itself and others.
The pain, isolation and separation from God created by egoic control dramas is terrifying and well defended.
So what can we do when our ego or another’s is having its way?
The following may be of assistance in our letting go, forgiving ourselves and others and remembering only Love will heal.

What is the problem?
Who is to blame?
How do I find the solution?
Why am I constantly finding more problems?

Is it possible that what I am looking for is Trust?
Is it possible there is no one to blame or make guilty?
Is it possible as long as I complain and blame, I continue to experience being a victim?
Is it possible life’s experiences are here to teach us to be responsible?

And what does it mean to be responsible? (Able to respond with Love)
It means “to be able to respond” to whatever comes our way.
What can we do to learn to be able and willing ro respond with Love and let go of fear.
We can take the time to take impeccable care of our spiritual well-being.
We can trust in the voice for healing, forgiving and compassion within.
We can support ourselves with reassuring words, and safety in our surroundings and associations.
We can become aware of what works for us and brings us peace.
We can give to others what we want to receive.
We can stop telling stories that scare us and remind us of past hurts and fears.
We can be gentle in how we talk with and perceive ourselves.
We can take good care of our physical and emotional needs: adequate rest, nutrition, laughter and associations.
We can honor the need to give love and create beauty.
We can give thanks for who we are and what we have.
We can continually look for ways and places to give loving and healing energy asking nothing in return.
We can receive the gift of our own giving with gratitude and joy.
We can step away from those habits of mind and body that are limiting or unhealthy.
We can commit to give ourselves the very best and let go of the rest.
We can love ourselves as we are loved by God, with no conditions, always and all ways.

You see, in the end, we shall all come to the realization that the Source of all problems is within us.
Therefore, The solution to all problems is within us.
Simply, when we stop blaming and complaining, being frightened by our own thoughts, we will ask ourselves with total sincerity: “What can I do to love myself right now in the best way possible?”
And when we give ourselves trust and freedom (LOVE), we will choose the place and the path, the thoughts and responses that Love ourselves well and bring us Peace and Happiness.
I know we all want to be happy and at peace.
The question is: “ Are we willing?”

I am loving you from the happy willing Me reminding the happy willing You,
Betty Lue