Friday, July 25, 2008

What Have I Learned?

We just spent five days without company and much in silence. (Listening writing and envisioning the coming year.)
And during this entire 11 days in Hawaii, much has been learned, remembered and consolidated.

Everything is my teacher.
Sunrises and sunsets, the sea and sky, the birds and mongeese, the golfers and tourists, the servers and cleaning ladies, the food and water we prepare, my thoughts and feelings. Everything is teaching me!
Open-mindedness is the key to learning.
To be receptive to what is available requires a quiet mind, open heart, happy willingness to receive the messages.
Appreciating what is being taught amplifies and increases my learning.
Life is a gift which fills me up.
When I am totally receptive, I am full of joy and gratitude. I am full of wonder and curiosity at the meaning and message in all things.
I seek and find the Goodness and blessings in what is given. All is Good.
Home is where I am at peace.
I make myself at home everywhere as though I were going to live there forever.
When I am trusting and happy with my surroundings, I am at peace. It is inner peace that brings me the feeling of home.
Fear distorts perceptions and judgments.
When afraid, my view is limited and I see in the dark (like through a pin hole).
Fear creates physical sensations and emotional reactions which engender or attract historical fears and limit understanding.
Forgiveness releases fear.
Undoing judgments, assumptions, explanations and analysis is essential. “I know I do not know.”
Forgiveness opens the way to be present with Love, appreciation and inner peace.
We create our experience with our consciousness.
What I see, how I feel, when I react and whom I trust are all a result of my conscious choices.
I am choosing the experience I will have, whether I know it or not. Undoing negative thinking is key to perfect happiness.
I am creating peace or stress for myself and my world.
I can extend peace with a smile, a touch, an affirming word or my grateful thinking.
If I am not at peace, I can create distress, confusion, uncertainty, concern and upset for myself and the world around me.
Beginning each day giving Love, Appreciation and Peace is a Gift to myself and my world.
It matters not by the sea, in the shower, driving the car or eating breakfast, I can choose to send positive grateful and loving thoughts to everyone everywhere. I know it makes a difference.
Being silent and alone, with nothing to do, is essential to inner peace.
Daily cultivating our inner garden and True Self is our real work. Weed the mind of limiting thoughts.
Water emotions with Love and respect. Enjoy the beauty of our heart and appreciate the wonder of our lives.
Appreciate all those who are in your life and honor what you continue to learn from everyone.
I deeply value our friendship and inspirational connection.
Even those whom I have not met, I know you are receiving these reminders because they have value to you.

I love you and bless you in your willingness to learn and grow in cultivating your own inner garden.
Betty Lue