Saturday, July 05, 2008

“Waste Not, Want Not”

Giving is Receiving.

Takers need givers.
Is being taken really giving?

Contributing is giving tribute to what you value.
Tithing is setting aside the best of what you have to invest in what you want to grow.
Are you contributing to those who squander or do not value what they are given?

Investing is putting energy and resources into what you believe will succeed.
Are you investing in winners or losers?
Do you really believe that giving more will turn around a losing investment?

Appreciation is what grows and increases what it is we appreciate.
To value is demonstrated by our giving positive attention to what we want more of.
Are you appreciating your giving or what you are giving to?

How much time, energy and resources have we wasted?
Imagine the God is the investor.
He invests his wealth of riches in You?
Do you give away the Goods wisely?
Do you reinvest in others’ Good?
Do you contribute to those who stay dependent?
Do you believe in helping those who are not helping themselves?
Do you find the fertile soil and plant seeds of Goodness, Kindness and Beauty.
Or are you wasting the talents and resources on those who are greedy, needy and unappreciative?

I find it best always to ask within for guidance.
  • To whom am I to give?
  • What am I to give?
  • How is the best way to give?
It is not always clear to me what will be received with gratitude.
It is not always clear to me who really wants the gifts I have been given.
It is not always clear to me when and where is the best timing for me to give.
And so I ask within to ensure that the investments I make are truly helpful to those who receive.

I do know that I value receiving and giving these loving reminders to all those who ask.
I am loving you,
Betty Lue