Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Using the Creative Mind

We see what we believe.
We are creating what we think (envision).
Every thought creates.
We are responsible for what we experience.
These are metaphysical truths.

If I am creating my experience with my beliefs, I can choose again.
If my thoughts are creating, I am free to choose alternative thoughts.
If my beliefs are out-pictured in my perception I can choose to see things differently.
If I am responsible for the stuff I do not want, then why not forgive my self and begin again?

Sounds easy! In fact it is easy!
It is just that my personal mind, personality (ego) is attached to being “right”.
It clings to its belief that we are victims of some other creative power.
It believes there is an external judge who administers punishment for past “sins”.

When we are attached to the belief in victimization and pleading powerlessness, we resist taking responsibility.
When we are afraid of further punishment for errors in choice, perception and belief we prefer to remain passive.
When we are lost in the confusion of error and guilt and don’t know what else to do, we choose helplessness.
When we are drowning in the unconsciousness of fear, we tend to wallow in self pity and finding someone or something to blame.

The endless analysis, figuring out “why?”, seeking methods to defend ourselves and protect against future harm, takes so much energy and focus.
Forgiveness is the eraser of all things.
Forgiveness clears the mental imagery.
Forgiveness undoes faulty beliefs.
Forgiveness stops obsessive thinking.
Forgiveness brings light to ignorance.
Forgiveness releases past confusion.
Forgiveness offers everything we want.

I forgive myself for my wrong perceptions.
I forgive my mind for negative and limited thinking.
I forgive my emotions for justifying fear.
I forgive my self for believing I can be harmed.
I forgive my world for teaching me falsely.
I forgive myself for withholding Love.
I forgive myself for being confused and distracted.
I forgive myself for defending against unloving perceptions.
I forgive myself for justifying my fears.
I forgive the errors in my mind.

Let us together use our creative minds to create what is Good, beautiful and healing.
Let us use our forgiveness, choice and gratitude to engender the world we want to be.
Let us use our ability to erase the canvas of life and create again to see a different world.
Let us join as One to live the life of All Good and only Good for the Good of All.

I Am,
Betty Lue